Sex Ed Gets Serious at Northwestern Universtity

I thought I would share this with you in case you hadn’t heard. NorthWestern University in Evanston Illinois apparently has a “Human Sexuality” course well worth attending.  While most teachers are content to simply discuss sex or even showing a few pictures of human anatomy. 600 students stayed after the main class for an optional, non-credit lab where members of the local BDSM community discussed their practices.


At the end, one of the presenters stripped down and demonstrated how to bring a woman to an orgasm after watching what was apparently one of the standard sanitary videos.To read more about this article, click here.

I wish they had classes like that when I was in school.



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2 thoughts on “Sex Ed Gets Serious at Northwestern Universtity

  1. I read the report and also read the comments. It amazes me that the majority of the population is so uptight about sex, so close minded, like there is only one way and that’s their way.

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