Mastery Lessons From an Old House

I live in an old house. Really old, you know built two centuries ago old. The kind of house that creaks a bit when you get home. But it is warm and comfortable and I love it. I love spending time here. I love living here.  It is HOME. I think you know what I mean.

When I came home tonight, I realized that I would need to spend some time this weekend on the “maintainance” of the house. I saw some light getting in through a joint in the wall. I noticed my screen door isn’t closing right. That means I need to run out, get some things to fix it up. Take the door off the hinge and sand it so it fits back in the frame right.

Such are the pleasures of home ownership.

But if I want a nice place to live, these are the things I have to do.  Otherwise wood rot sets in and the  foundations of the house crumbles.

The same can be said of the relationship of a Master and a slave. Every once and  a while, you have to sit back and really examine your relationship. Make sure they joints are all fitting together. The windows and doors all work right.

And if they don’t, you have to fix them. Sit down and work out why they aren’t working. Maybe talk things over with your slave, if you are in that kind of relationship. Make the changes that need to be made.

And if you do, maybe your relationship will last 1/3 as long as my house has stood.


Published by Master Void

I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

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