Thoughts on Quality

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I started this blog a little over three years ago. I have learned over time to be consistent with my posting, trying to get something interesting on this site at least three times a week. Once by my lovely slave, and two times by me. But sometimes life gets in the way. Every once and a while, my muse provides me with no inspiration (or even time on occasion) to post. I would rather focus on quality than quantity. And I have been trying to make my posts better, not just throwing up a video, but explaining why I chose that video.

I think that is true too for a M/s (Master and slave) relationship. All relationships really.

It is particularly dangerous in a M/s Relationship to just coast. To become too focused on the wrote matters of day to day living and life. Each of us must remember to focus on the quality of the relationship, rather on the quantity in the relationship. You cannot make up with time for a lack of devotion to the relationship. The Master must master. The slave must serve. Both must be within the relationship, neither can coast.

Thus is the danger in life of coasting. I am prone to do this, I get comfortable in things, say my job, and don’t think about improving things or changing things until I am pushed to do so. But I can do this in my job.  I cannot do this with my slave.

I must continually push her to be better, and she must in turn challenge me to be the Master she disserves. That isn’t to say that she is going to ever be perfect. And it certainly doesn’t mean that she is topping me when she challenges me. What it does mean is that we each have to strive to be the best of what we are in our relationship.

We are compliments in this relationship.

I complete her submission. I give her purpose and focus in life.

She completes my Mastery. She provides the fulcrum to focus my will upon.

Together we make art. But if either one is absent in the relationship, the art fails. We are incomplete.

Quality over quantity.

I have learned this from writing here. I have had this reinforced by my relationship with my slave, so may states away.

Peace and Tranquility


Published by Master Void

I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

One thought on “Thoughts on Quality

  1. I have found too that dominance and submission enhance each other. His submission is enforced by my dominance. My dominance grows with his submission. The dance of power balance is beautiful

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