Learning to Love From Lesbians

I found 2 stories in the news this week about lesbians.  The first is about a judge ruling about an 18 year old woman who wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. He said that it was a violation of her rights to cancel the prom.  While he isn’t going to re-instate the prom (mainly due to a competing private prom), it is still a major victory.  In the USAToday:

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Itawamba County, Miss., school board violated the rights of a lesbian student by canceling the prom when the student challenged a ban on same-sex dates, but the judge stopped short of ordering the district to reinstate the April 2 prom.U.S. District Court Judge Glen Davidson said he denied the injunction request because a private prom parents are planning will serve the same purpose as the school prom and because “requiring defendants to step back into a sponsorship role at this late date would only confuse and confound the community on the issue.”

I was disturbed when I read initially about this story. Fortunately the judge ruled correctly in this case, and hopefully this precedent will prevent things like this from happening in the future.

The second story is about learning to love you women by listening to lesbians.  This is in AskMen.com in their article “Top 10 Lesbian Sex Secrets”. I do like the idea that we can learn from lesbians about how to make love to women. Makes sense.  Some of my Favorites are”

Don’t just thrust away

The term “screwing” is actually ancient. It comes from the Taoist technique of literally screwing with your hips during intercourse. Using a horizontal figure-eight motion (the infinity symbol), this technique can help you reach all of those elusive vaginal hot spots during sex, which is usually tough to do. You may also want to try to alternate between short, shallow thrusts — highly stimulating for you both — and long deep thrusts, which fill her up while calming you down, so you can last longer. The Taoists used to write about the perfect sexual encounter as 30 minutes of female arousal followed by 1,000 loving thrusts. Now there’s a workout goal!

Play with toys and sexual enhancements

This blends in beautifully with the previous tip, as many women have difficulty climaxing without the use of a toy, or have even stronger orgasms with them. Toys today are for everyone — men, women and for use together. If she gets to control the speed and pressure, she’ll consider them a natural part of lovemaking. If you use a cock ring with a vibrating bullet, have her on top of you so she can move around until the bullet hits her clitoris where she enjoys it.

Compliment her on her genitalia

For most women, the thought of anyone looking at us “down there” is loaded with hesitation and fear. Even if you’ve been together for a long time, women are always concerned with how we look, smell and taste. If you want to release the wild woman inside her, fill her with confidence about her body. Tell her often how beautiful she is, and how glorious she smells and tastes.

Ok, that last one was a bit awkwardly written, at least the title was. LOL.

I hope you found the above interesting and/or useful.


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