Service book of Days 2/22/10

  • Outside my window… (weather, what do you hear, what do you see?)  is more cold weather.  After the heatwave of this weekend (40 degrees) being back in the 20s and 30s is a reminder of winter’s icey fingers.
  • my thoughts… are many.  Pensive and introspective.
  • Today’s Quote… I like coincidences. They make me wonder about destiny, and whether free will is an illusion or just a matter of perspective. They let me speculate on the idea of some master plan that, from time to time, we’re allowed to see out of the corner of our eye. Chuck Sigars, The World According to Chuck weblog, September 8, 2003
  • i am thankful for…coffee with pumpkin pie spices 🙂 mmmmmm
  • From my service training…(any skills, training etc; notes you want to share this week) nothing at the moment
  • From the kitchen…(menu for the week, what are you cooking?)  hmmm something different but not sure what…time to bring out the cookbook again.
  • i am wearing… a black cowl neck sweater, black slacks and black boots and underneath…my hello kitty underwear…hey gotta have some reason to smile during the day…lol
  • i am creating…(crafts, sewing etc;)  nothing at the moment.
  • my adventures this week…(where are you going this week?)  no adventures this week.  I will be hanging around the house with my kids and getting my energy back.
  • Becoming well read…(What are you reading this week?)  Listening to my podcasts.  One of my favorite authors, Scott Sigler, does a great horror podcast.  I am reading one of his current novellas called “Kissyman and the Gentleman”. 
  • i manifest and co-create…(what are your hopes, dreams, and prayers this week) Words of hope and peace and confidence for my children.  Words of perseverance and the desire to do it now instead of later.
  • Today’s Melody…(what music are you listening to? even if it’s just the sound of a bird…) No songs today
  • One of my favorite things…is to look up.  Sometimes I forget that there is more above the trees.  When I open my eyes to take it all in the world is really much larger than I think.
  • further plans for this week…keeping it low…no plans for the week.
  • Still….life(share a picture you’ve taken OR a picture you found online that speaks to you)  Photo used with permission via creative commons copyright:

Here are the directions these post:

Once a week on Monday you will respond to the above prompts.. more is better. Post your response on your blog or website.

Mention my blog (service savoir faire) and offer a link back to the main page of the blog. This way others can participate in the project as well!

Also, feel free to look around the service site as it has many pieces of great information/resources.

So now that you know how, please feel free to join me.

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