We All Live Under Glass

Kibble Palace at the Botanic Gardens in GlasgowI was talking about the article I posted on Wednesday and the follow up article written by the same person (it is pretty good too). He was at the party and thought it was a good article, but was disturbed that a private event was reported on. That got me to thinking. My response was that we were always under observation.

We all live under glass.

Every day, every where, we are all being watched. At work, at play we are surrounded. People are watching us and judging us. In the past, gossip would be the means that this information was spread. People talk. When we got together, stories would be told. Usually the tales told were the truth, sometimes creative interpretations, but sadly sometimes these  yarns were  maliciousness. The difference is that today we have Twitter, Facebook, and FetLife to gather around and spread our stories. Life is more public than ever.It will get out, even if we don’t want it to.

We all live under glass.

Watch what you do.

It will be seen.

People will talk. They always have.

Yes character counts, that is true. But people cannot see your character. They can only see what you do. People are not mind readers, they will not see your true intentions, cannot know what is in your heart. This goes for your friends, your slave, and your enemies. You friends will love what you do, your enemies will try to twist it. Your actions will speak louder than your words. Be consistent, don’t be erratic in your actions. You can and will out live the malicious attacks of those that try to twist your words.

Try always to act in a way that is true to yourself and you will do fine. Remember:

We all live under glass.


Photo used under a Creative Commons License.

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