Reflections on a Conference.

I thought I would reflect upon the conference I attended last night.  I suppose I am a tad bit jaded by voice chats these days. It turns out that the conference was a typing only event.  I thought the author was fine, but the host was using evaluation software, and everyone had to keep putting in text to keep in the room.  I found that distracting as was the use of a wide variety of fonts and colors.  I have to say that all of that made it very distracting for some one with ADD. I will say that the author they interviewed was interesting, but after an hour or so of the chat room.  They are supposed to be posing the chat logs, so maybe I will scan that later and be able to weed out the extraneous parts.

Now I have a goal, find some online chat software that focuses on voice, and that isn’t too annoying to use. If you have some suggestions, please post them in the comments.


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One thought on “Reflections on a Conference.

  1. One: define ‘protocols’ somewhere. . . I understand the word, I don’t get it as a ‘fetish’ 😛 Two: you have ADD? Three: the fire trick is spiffy (on the author’s page), however, not very impressive. I have a professional magician among the rank of ex’s, he did that kind of stuff all the time 😛

    I’m going to browse that page at some point, but have to say – the page colors are very distracting and too garish to be dealing with at 11:19 at night.

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