Disturbing Events in England

So there is a new bill that has been proposed in England that will criminalize a lot of BDSM related material.

The proposed criminal justice and immigration bill contains a disturbing element within it: if passed and made into law, it will then be “an offence for a person to be in possession of an extreme pornographic image”. It will be illegal to have in your possession certain pictures deemed “offensive” or “obscene” by the government. No, this is not 1984, surprisingly. According to this proposed bill, if you have in your possession hardcore BDSM sexual imagery you can be criminalised and potentially imprisoned for it.

So, let’s say you’re a man who gets off on being tied up and spanked. One day your girlfriend strips you naked, binds you and your genitalia tightly with some rope, hits you with a paddle, and perhaps you both have an orgasm or two. She also photographs you in situ. Let’s then say that the next day you decide to upload those photos to a blog, so you can both look at them. Your girlfriend likes the pictures so much she decides she’s going to download a couple to her computer so that she has permanent offline access to them and can enjoy them at her own leisure.

Guess what? If this law gets passed, you both would have just broken it, and risked a large fine, if not imprisonment, even though you were willing, mutually consensual participants, and your photos were for your own personal use. Both owning and downloading the pictures would be a criminal offence….

Well if your in England, I would recommend that you ask your parliament minister why they are wasting their time on this bill.


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3 thoughts on “Disturbing Events in England

  1. that’s just great. There’s a few lines in Margrete Atwoods ‘Handmaids Tale’ where the head of the Handmaids ‘school’ is talking to the girls about “freedom to” and “freedom from”.

    Maybe for some people the idea of “freedom from” victimization, crimes, fear of these things, etc. is enticing enough to let a group of people make our decisions for us. I’m not one of those people. Give me “freedom to” ANY day of the week.

    If I can find my book, I’ll re-comment with the actual paragraph. It’s a compelling argument. . .

  2. Why when my proper wrongly produced British ‘N.H.S. Death Certificate’ was made did they decide to remove and then permanently keep all seven yes ‘7’ pieces of my-own pierced ‘Jewellery & Body-Jewellery’ on ‘Sun. 3/2/2008’ do you really reckon?

  3. You or U are sop more than welcome to pop-over for whatever, and did I mention my ‘1901 Victoria sovereign-ring’ was also nicked by the person who got me certified as dead?

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