The Eulenspiegel Society

The Eulenspiegel Society(TES) is the oldest BDSM organization in the United States. Located in NYC, TES is nationally known for providing many educational classes and forums for those interested in our lifestyle. If you are located near the big apple, I suggest you check them out. From their site:

We support sexual liberation as a basic requirement of a truly free society. Our special concern is freedom for sexual minorities and particularly the rights of those whose sexuality embraces D/S or dominant/submissive fantasies and urges.

These rights have largely been denied through negative public attitudes, internalized to a great extent by those possessing such inclination themselves. We assert the following rights for all:

1. The right to pursue joy and happiness in one’s own evolving nature, as long as this doesn’t infringe upon the similar rights of others.

2. The right to define oneself, and not be defined by persons whose experiences have not provided them with the understanding to appreciate one’s mystique nor by those whose repressed urges may panic them into rigid hostility toward it.

3. The right freely to communicate and socialize with others of similar sexual orientation, and to explore together the deeper, positive meaning of our experiences.

4. The right to challenge established value systems which oppress by condemning and repressing sexual drives or practices of erotic minorities.

5. The right to publicize activities and views-freely, without fear of occupational or professional repercussion-thereby raising the consciousness of both the public and ourselves regarding sexual minorities and sexual freedom.

Gotta love that. They also have a list of resources for those living in other areas.


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