Vegan Condoms?

Well I saw something vaguely kink related today that was very amusing to my sense of humor. I ran across the Sensual Vegan. While I am personally a meat eater, I have no problems with those that choose to eat only their veggies.  Plus I like their philosophy towards natural and organic when possible (I have a few friends with latex issues).

From their about page:

The Sensual Vegan has been doing business since 2004 as an online store based out of Seattle. (In its former incarnation, it was named the Veg Sex Shop.) The Sensual Vegan was schemed up alongside Veg Porn, the only adult site that features a cast of vegan and vegetarian models. Both are run by yours truly, an avocado-loving woman who’s been an adult model and indie pornographer for 4 years, and vegan for 8.

I decided to open this store because there wasn’t anything else in veggieland that carried good lubes and sex toys. The other online vegan stores hid condoms and lube (if they carried them) in an obscure subcategory of their web sites, and I wanted to create a place where sex wasn’t stuffed next to the tampons in the “embarrassing things” section.

Everything I carry at the Sensual Vegan is something I think is awesome. Most “adult novelty” businesses stock primarily tacky low-quality junk, pills and creams that play on peoples’ insecurities, and products that can be outright dangerous. I make every effort is made to bring you the best selection of the sex products that are free from animal testing and animal byproducts. Think of this store as your online sex-positive friend who can always recommend a good lube or sex toy.

Any experience with this place?  Any comments about vegans?  You know where to post them.


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One thought on “Vegan Condoms?

  1. Just a note – the condoms, dental dams, and gloves offered here are NOT latex free (the site does note this very clearly, but figured I’d toss it out there where I just perused it).

    However, very good site content/product-wise and is easy to navigate (whether you’re in a hurry for your vegan sexual items or you’re just not that great on the web) 😀

    I found this page:

    for those latex-allergic folks. It’s merely informative, and offers items from some of the ‘big name’ brands. And on that note – name brand doesn’t always mean better, lesser-known companies often go above and beyond what is acceptable by the gov’t for standards.

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