Off to visit my girl

So when this posts, I will be hopefully boarding a plane and heading north to visit my girl. I do miss her and I feel very fortunate that she has decided that it is I whom she wants to serve and dedicate her life.

Turns out that another of the House will be there too, what a coincidence.  I like serendipity.

I don’t want to leave you guys with nothing to look at so here are a couple of links.  The first is to a review of a DVD about a documentary about a bondage photographer. Sounds like a good movie. I need to see if it is available through Netflix.

here are many things that Liberty In Restraint is not. It is not a salacious exposé, fodder for the moral mainstream to laugh and point at the marginalised. It is not titillation, a wank fest for the furry handcuff brigade. It is not educational — for every question it answers, it raises three more.

Above all, Liberty In Restraint is an intimate portrait of one man, his extended family and his personal journey around the sharp edges of life. And it makes for disturbing, beautiful viewing.

The second is a posting describing a bondage photography art show in Germany.

Bondage photographs showing Japanese women tied up in various states of undress are the centrepiece of an art show set to open Friday in the German city of Hanover. The 74 poster-sized colour images by art photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, 67, will be on display at the Kestner museum alongside 140 wood-cut images by Katsushika Hokusai, who died in 1849.

(Ok I am going to cheat, here is some of his art for a third link., See you on Monday)

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