Hanson PaddleWerks

Hanson Paddles is an wonderful site full of lovely paddles and other things for the Lifestyle enthusiast. These are real players who user their own product, and continue to innovate.

Company Origins

John Hanson started making his own paddles in the late seventies
because he could not find paddles that met his standards for safety
and quality. From that humble basement shop beginning he began
making paddles for his spanking friends and then for their friends.
His hobby snowballed until Hanson Percussion Instruments
was incorporated in 1992.

Spanking is our favorite kink. We have learned a great deal about
spanking from some very knowledgeable people over the years and
continue to learn from experience as we continue “playing”.

I have used their products over the years and can say that they make my favorite paddles.  They offer a variety of shapes and woods, so you can have the right paddle for the job.

Do you own a Hanson paddle? Perhaps you have a favorite manufacturer?  Please let me know in the comments section below.

Published by Master Void

I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

4 thoughts on “Hanson PaddleWerks

  1. I wonder if you are John Hanson of 2 Rivers? I really worry about you.
    I also into spanking plus. But also too old to particiapate.

  2. When you had a shop in Hinton, WV, I purchased a 14″ Lexan paddle without holes from you for $20. You hand cut the paddle, dipped the handle in a black rubber-like substance. It was outstanding, but it was lost during a move.

    Can you make me another one?

  3. I also worry about John Hansom. I understand that his husband is a selfish self centered bood! Also no talent as an artist.

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