Supreme Court Will Review BDSM Related Case

14 10 2009

Well, one day it had to happen.  The Supreme Court announced that it will review a case that had been making its way up the courthouse chain for a while now. It is a rather interesting case, but to boil it down to the basics, prosecutors claim that Glenn Marcus beat and tortured a woman named “Jodi”. From Courthouse news:

The Supreme Court will decide whether a lower court correctly set aside the conviction of a sex trafficker known as “S&M Svengali.” The justices on Tuesday agreed to hear the government’s appeal of a case involving Glenn Marcus, who received nine years in prison for beating, sexually abusing and humiliating a woman who had agreed to appear in photos as his “sex slave.”
Marcus met his alleged victim, Jodi, through a bondage Web site, and the two agreed to meet in Maryland in 1998. During the visit, Marcus whipped Jodi and carved the word “slave” on her stomach with a knife, according to prosecutors.

But the 2nd Circuit threw out his conviction on the basis that some of the offenses occurred before the passage of the 2000 Trafficking Victims Protection Act, which was used to prosecute him.

I am no lawyer, so I won’t comment about the merits of the case, or what it means for the Lifestyle in general.  I do think it is important to remember that perhaps sometimes it is wiser, no matter how much we may want to show off our sadism and our skills, for what ever reward, monetary or fame, that such display may bring it is often wiser to no do so. Society at large does not understand us.  They will act to bring us down.

And always, ALWAYS remember that when consent is withdrawn – STOP.


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