An Alternative Source for Kajira Outfits

I have been asked in the past for a replacement source for kajira outfits. The source I wrote about earlier is no longer making those types of outfits. I was asked recently if I knew of another source, and at the time I didn’t. I did some searching and I found a store on EtsyContinue reading “An Alternative Source for Kajira Outfits”

Slave Silks No Longer For Sale at Coquetry Clubwear

A while ago I mentioned a place where you could buy slave silks for a reasonable price. Sadly one of my readers pointed out today that they are no longer available. She asked if I could find an alternative source for such items.  Sadly, I haven’t been able to find a good source at theContinue reading “Slave Silks No Longer For Sale at Coquetry Clubwear”