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I’ve been an attendee for this conference for years. I met my slave and wife here. I’m on the core team as well. I thought I would post our message here for my readers. 

Greetings Black BEAT Family,

Ten plus years has proven our allegiance and unrelenting efforts to serve the BDSM community.  We’ve made history and have been able to bring together African Americans from across the country over the years, and we’re extremely proud of that.

A sentinel moment has come.  Your Black BEAT Founders and Executive Board have decided to a hiatus.  We intend to be vigilant in our determination to explore meaningful ways to promote education and enjoyment upon our future return. 

We set lofty goals and we have accomplished what we set out to do and then some.  Last year our conference was a huge success, and our hiatus comes at a perfect pivotal time. Bringing people of color together and encouraging them to start their own groups and events helped to emphasize education.  We did not have a Black BEAT type social arena 12 years ago when we began our journey.  Thank you to those who saw the vision and have ventured toward your own thing! 

We now intend to create a big dream list to set our sights on designing our international conference to possibly involve more positive and affordable experiences.  While we do not have a date to announce when we will return, we feel extremely fortunate to have had all the experiences and to have met so many amazing people along the way.  The amount of gratitude for those who have attended is immeasurable, and we’re forever grateful for the support of those attending one or all of our conferences, including our dynamic presenters.  We are forever grateful for every moment of your time.

Thanks to ALL of you for your ongoing support and love. Taking a break can be risky, however, we are confident that our return will be worth the wait.  You are a constant inspiration to us, and we will keep our purpose constant.  You will receive ample time to rejoin us upon our return.

This is not good bye, this is until we meet again!

Sincerely in Kink,

Black BEAT Founders & Executive Board 

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I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

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