Black BEAT 2014 Was Off the Chain This Year

18 08 2014

BlackOut2014Ok, I may be biased, but this is one of the best Black BEATS in recent years.  I have heard so much from the participants about how they enjoyed it.  There were so many new faces too.  More than any conference I can remember (excepting the first one). It had energy too.  And the after parties rocked (let’s not get into the male stripper for the ladies, I hear they had a lot of fun in that after party too). The DJ in the dungeon rocked.  What other event does that?  I’m sure there are some, but this one was awesome.  I hope that one day you guys have a chance to get to an event that is half this good.

Now I will admit my biases. I love this conference. I started on the first one. and have only missed a couple of them.  I have been the Head of Security for 4 years, and was on the Core Member board this year. I also was able to present on two topics this year. My Electrical Play Demo class, and a less formal Cane & Crops lounge.  I got a lot of positive feed back from the attendees which I really appreciate.

Did you attend Black BEAT, in years past or this year? Let me and the other readers know about your experiences in the comments.



One response

18 08 2014
red velvet

I had a blast and it was such a pleasure to talk to all the kinky people about everything from the best rope to use to Dr. Who. My time and energy were well spent and I can’t wait to come back again.

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