FetLife’s Dirty Little Secret

FetLife has a secret. There are things it has not been telling you. There are things FetLife doesn’t want you to know about. Things FetLife has been strangely silent on. There are things there (some of which are allowed still by FetLife’s terms of use) that you cannot find.  When you search for these words, you won’t find Groups, Fetishes or even Users who have these words in their names or profile.  Some of these terms are understandable, some are not.

Strangely, even though there have been several posts on the FetLife tech support group about this, there has been no official response from FetLife or John Baku. We know this is deliberate, and not some sort of bug, because at one point you could search the terms using quote marks and then all of a sudden you couldn’t. We know these aren’t necessarily banned terms, because if you can find a user with them in their profile and click on them you can find them. And Hypnotism isn’t banned and returns results that include the banned terms.

Below is a list of terms compiled by a FetLife user named Snakeman. He did a lot of work (which I have’t done the research to verify, but you should be able to find out for yourself by clicking on the links.

Frankly some of this disturbs me deeply. FetLife used to be a safe place for kinksers to meet and discuss taboo topics.  I still think it is the best place to connect with other members of my community, but it seems it is no longer a place to discuss taboos.  I will be emailing John Baku for his official statement and to why there has been no official word as to why this has been kept quiet.

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16 thoughts on “FetLife’s Dirty Little Secret

  1. John Baku was forced to “hide” any fetish and/or group name from the “credit card companies eye view. John Baku has several journal entries explaining this. The short and sweet version.

    Credit card companies that John had been using for us to “support” fetlife said. “You support rape? Beastiality? Incest” this is not good john. Delete them. Fix it.” So John made the fetishes and groups disappear. They are not gone from fetlife. If you have a friend in an incest group you can find the group from their page. You just can’t search them any more. It was a loop hole that John found.

    Anyway hope this helps!!

  2. I never said that the groups were deleted. Just the search results. And yes I know why some were removed. Scat, children, incest. I get that. But the others? That makes no sense.

  3. That’s the thing, every word you have listed is understandable. I’m not against it. A few are triggers for me. At lot of these fetishes you list, are just that. Fetishes. A few are fantasy fetishes. But these credit card processors do not see it that way. They see it as potentially harmful and/or illegal activities. And sadly, we have to see it from their point of view. Incest is illegal. Rape is illegal. Molesting (in any form, child or otherwise) is illegal. I’m pretty sure necrophelia is illegal. Kidnapping is illegal. Hypnosis is potentially dangerous, especially if you don’t know what you are do. I’m not arguing with you by any means. Just asking that you take a deep breath and think about why a vanilla person, would want this fetish inseparable on fet or any other website.

  4. The let John Baku say that, instead of drawing a hidden curtain. And if that was the issue, why do many of the groups still exist?

    I am calm, and I have been waiting a while for him to say something. I have written him, and so far have gotten nothing back but silence. People just need to know why this is, from his mouth.

  5. That’s just it. He already has said. Public announcement on fet a lil over a year ago. I’ll try to find the exact links for you tomorrow. I will mail them to you via fet. Plz keep my info private as I wish to remain anonymous.

  6. I know the post you say. The big four. (I read all announcements.)

    Sadly, many of these aren’t covered. Knives, Hypnotism, others.

    I get lita, necrophilia, and the like.

    And it would be different if they fetishes were removed or banned. But many still exist and can be added if you can find someone with them.

  7. At least two of the listed ones do return at least some results for me: “lita” and “hypnotise.”

  8. I’ve encountered the hypnosis issue on other sites. Sadly I think the companies have gone too far here. It stems from something along the lines of a video of a woman being hypnotized to be fucked and it being tied in with rape (i.e. no real consent). I am not sure if a woman did actually claim rape or if it has to do with simply not wanting to be tied into behavior that seems to encourage nonconsensual acts. Now I get it with videos showing people being hypnotized, but what about hypnosis files to aid in submission or chastity that a person chooses to listen to? it’s made it really hard for a lot of those that do erotic hypnosis – meanwhile you can still use those credit cards for mainstream hypnosis books and files on sites like amazon, hypnobusters, etc. It’s not hypnosis in general being targeted, but hypnosis as a fetish.

  9. Does anyone remember the old Yahoo User Group Chat rooms? One article in a Texas paper about how “Yahoo supports Nambla/pedo” and they pulled the plug on the entire enterprise for good without any warning. The good was trashed with the bad. Millions of users suddenly lost contact with people they had built relationships with over many years. I think hiding a few kinks is a small price to pay to keep the venue open. It is still one of the best places to meet like minded people without fear of being judged.

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