M/s Thoughts

Soon my slave will be moving in. She is undergoing a lot more changes in her life than I am.  For me, all I have to deal with is 3 people in my house 24/7. For her, she has to leave the home she bought. Pack all of her belongings that she wishes to keep. Throw away the stuff she doesn’t. Quit her job. Get a moving truck. Move. Unpack. Settle herself and her children in. Do what I need to be done. Deal with her children’s issues with the move. Find a new job.

Yep, sometimes it is good to be the Master. But part of my role is to understand all of this. Do what I can to help with the transitions. Try to make the move easier. Buy one or two items that we need to make their life here easier.

Be a rock for her to lean on. Her shelter from the storms. And to not be another problem for her to deal with. So while I could ask her to do things for me (I come up with small task all the time, it helps for slaves to have something to do. It makes them feel useful), I hold back. I do more for myself.  I do not want to overburden my slave.

After all, I will have decades to overburden her once she arrives.


Published by Master Void

I am an over 50-year-old Lifestyle Master living near Charlotte, NC.

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