BlackBEAT ’08



This has to be my favorite event. Every year, we gather and focus on having a good time and learning about BDSM in a very inspiring event. I believe it even won the best small event at Pantheon in 2006. From their website:

Established in 2003, Black BEAT Inc. is an independent, social organization founded by African American members of the D/s, BDSM and Leather community nationwide. Our organization strives to cultivate safe, sane, consenting adults (21 years and older) with alternative lifestyle and sexuality interests via culture, education, development, support, and event planning.
Each year Black BEAT offers award acknowledgement to those loyal and progressive in their BDSM and Leather lifestyle contributions. Our family of patrons realize that an African American presence in kink has to be self supporting, thus, have collectively built the foundation upon which we proudly stand. Acknowledgement of African American Leadership in BDSM is important to facilitate strength to others that care to lead in the effort to maximize a greater BDSM community. We desire to continue to build a healthy understanding of the BDSM lifestyle that will add positive validation within our interpersonal actions and diverse relationships.
Collective organizational efforts via sexual diversity lectures, workshops and demonstrations are our focus. We strive to enhance social benefits for African Americans and all kink aware sexual minorities, creating a welcome atmosphere for all who share interest in our expansion, our conferences, or munch groups.
Black BEAT welcomes and encourages all races, ethnicity’s, and sexual preferences to join us for our unique conference experience.

I love it, I enjoy being there every year (I have only missed one year, and last year I met my girl). Last year I had the honor of being in charge of security, and this year I was privileged to be asked to do it again. I hope I will see you there.

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