Body Harness

Sir was surfing one of his many favorite web sites, YouTube, and came across this video from TwistedMonk on how to do a body harness.  I have been tied up one time and didn’t really like it much.  But looking at this video, I think i want to try it again. The body harness looked really sexy and comfortable.  I pictured Sir putting me in this body harness as my outfit for playtime at a dungeon or just before our private playtime in the chains.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you would like, leave a comment to let me know your thoughts.


Published by esclave

submissive to Master Void

3 thoughts on “Body Harness

  1. ok, I FINALLY Got through the video. And yes, that is VERY sexy and comfortable looking. Especially in that red (silk?). Ohhh, black shiny rope over something girly (hot pink, maybe?).

    And it’s easy to do (*I* could tie that!). Good work on the ‘how-to’ and giving the link information. He’s a good instructor (if the other videos are like this one, I haven’t checked yet)

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