Study: Losers More Likely to Harass Women

This follows under Duh, and yes this is of more general interest than strictly BDSM or M/s, but I like to think I run a sex positive blog. Ars Technica reports that researchers discovered that women received harsher comments than men, not surprising and that people who tended to be the worst harassers were men whoContinue reading “Study: Losers More Likely to Harass Women”

Sexual Fetish Researchers Categorize Fetish Popularity

Interesting study I ran across in the Guardian, where researchers downloaded discussions from fetish discussion groups, then spent 3 years analyzing them. Some crazy stuff there, but nothing really unexpected. Feet top the list, with body sizes next. Least favorite body fetish? Body odor. I didn’t know there was a fetish for that even OddestContinue reading “Sexual Fetish Researchers Categorize Fetish Popularity”