Should There Be Certification for Practicing BDSM?

In my many years practicing as a Top/Dominant/Master in the BDSM circles, I have seen this question asked over and over.  I’ve even asked that question myself when I was younger, though I think I said standards instead of certifications. Most recently, it was brought to my attention on FetLife, in the Novices and Newbies group. AsContinue reading “Should There Be Certification for Practicing BDSM?”

Secrets of the Cam Girls…

I normally don’t like to read Gizmodo. I find them a bit sensational for my taste. But every once and a while they post something unique and interesting. As I like to talk about sex and sexual thing here on HoV, I thought this story was very suitable. One of their reporters looked into theContinue reading “Secrets of the Cam Girls…”